Deciding Where to Travel on a Budget & Time Constraint

It's time to be unpredictable and travel a bit differently than you would normally do. Traveling doesn't always have to be out of state or even other countries. It can simply be just a city away. 

If you're a working adult like me,  you'd understand that you don't have the leisure of up and leaving for days at a time. But wouldn't you still love to go on vacation every month and not spend all your money? That's what I said! So here is what I did:

  1. Purchased a mason jar from Dollar Tree for obviously $1.
  2. On a note pad, I wrote down each city that was within a 100-mile radius of me. Why 100? Because that's up to 2 hours of driving time and I don't want to drive too far if I want to come back the same day. Plus I know each time I wouldn't be going over 30$ paying for gas. Take note that my car is gas friendly so I get fairly decent MPG. Websites like Withinhours and TravelMath makes it easy to get your list. If you have access to a printer, I would just copy-paste information on Word file and print it out. Cut out each city and place them in the jar.
  3. Once I was ready to travel, I simply picked a slip from the jar. With Traveladvisor I searched that lucky city and found things to do like nature & parks, museums, or sights and landmarks.
  4. As I searched, it was easy finding free activities. I picked at least five options, packed my bags, added some snacks and I was ready to go!
Btw I have only left for a day at a time to avoid paying AirBnb's or hotels. A little cheating was also involved by putting the slip back in the jar because I wanted to go back again. If the city, for example, was Atlanta, there is way too many things to do and need more than a day. (Are there too many commas in the last sentence? LOL) 

Remember if you decide to do this, it's your jar your rules. If it's in your budget, go more than 100 miles and stay a day or two. It's all up to you! 

P.S. If your artsy, decorate the jar and show me how yours turned out.