Pretty Girls Play Clash of Clans TOO!

When the boss at your crap call center jobs tells you to download Clash of Clans, you just do it. Jeez! At 19 I really hated that job, the customers were unimaginably annoying, so I had nothing to lose by avoiding work. I was the last of my coworkers to be invited to play, most likely because I was a girl and a little ditzy. 

If you play COC, you know that your clan castle has to be built before joining a clan. By the time I joined my boss' clan (which btw I was the only girl he talked into playing),  all my guy coworkers were way ahead of me, nearly maxed out. They all cheated and gemmed there way up. I was only making like $10 an hour and there was no way in hell I was investing a penny into this game. So I thought at the time...Whenever it was time for war, the boss man would take me off the phone and pull me into the office to strategize my war attack. Listen, if any clan members failed to three-star a war attack, he would be so pissed. Six months at the call center, I quit and went back to my server job. I had reached townhall 6 and decided to leave my ex-boss clan. He and all the guys were really arrogant and annoying plus it wasn't like he could fire me for leaving. 

Finding the right clan is pretty difficult. I tried an all-girl clan and lasted about a week. Single-gender clans tend to be obnoxious. On global chat (RIP 2019), it's hard to find a decent clan especially if you are low level and barely have trophies. Everyone wants top-ranking players, but in my opinion, they just make war more difficult. Since I couldn't find what I wanted, I just made my own clan. I chose to name it 'Clantostrophy'. It went pretty well until I became too bossy. Assigning attacks for war was a must or else we would just lose. I became just like my ex-boss or even worse. One day, I got so angry I kicked everyone out. Of course, I invited them back but after that, the clan just died out. It wasn't fun anymore. It was finally time for me to take a break.

Three years passed and I downloaded COC again. So many things changed my old reliable all dragon attack didn't work anymore. The game became even more strategic and so I didn't bother really playing again. I left the app on my phone but I was clanless.  Every few months I would play here and there or upgrade something.

I am now 26 years old and really started playing again last summer. I was clan hopping just donating troops so I could level up until Jutto found me on Global and invited me to his clan.
Thunder Lodge,  an impressive level 16 at the time was intimidating. No clan that good had ever invited me and I was only townhall 10 so I didn't think I'd last long. After my first war in like 6 years, I for sure thought they'd kick me out. My attack was so bad I barely got 1 star on my first attack. I could not and still can't master any attack method with all the new troops and upgrades that I am becoming familiar with...


Do you think Thunder lodge kicked me out?